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In the "EFC2012 on the AIR" award program you can earn four diplomas:
Requirements of diplomas are presented below.

Polish EFC2012 Award - issued by the PZK
The first Ukrainian Award UR-SP EFC2012 Award - issued by UARL
Second Ukrainian Award 2012 EFC Award issued by (KRARS) Kharkiv Regional Amateur Radio Society, EM2012L
Third Ukrainian Award Donbass Arena-2012 issued by Donetsk Branch of UARL

Universal application for EFC2012 awards

Application MS Excel 2003 format
Aplication PDF format

Fees for only EFC2012 Polish Award paper version may be submitted via PayPal system,
please use the following buttons.


European Football Championship
2012 Award
Award Rules

1. The Polish Amateur Radio Association (PZK) issues an award in collaboration with the Ukrainian Amateur Radio Association (UARL), in a joint effort during the European Football Championship EURO 2012 which takes place in Poland and in Ukraine.

2. This activity is carried out under the honorary auspices of The Polish Football Association (PZPN).

3. This activity takes place from June 1st to July 5th, 2012. During this period, radio amateurs may collect points needed to obtain the Award.

4. To obtain the award, the following number of points need to be collected:

40 points - SP and UR stations;
25 points - European stations;
15 points - DX stations.

5. QSOs with the following organizing stations are 2 points each:
* PZK: SN2012PZPN, HF2012EFC, 3Z2012EFC, SN2012GD, SN2012PO, SN2012WA, SN2012WR
* UARL: EM2012EFC, EN2012EFC, EO2012EFC, EN2012L, EN2012I, EN2012W, EN2012U

while QSOs with any other station operating in the "EFC-2012 on the air" program are 1 point.
• It is allowed to repeat a QSO with a given station once on another band or mode.
• A special distinction in the form of an "EXCELLENT" sticker will be provided for QSOs with all organizing stations listed above and additionally with 60 other stations from Poland and Ukraine taking part in the "EFC-2012" program.

6. Short wave listeners are also eligible for the award after meeting the same point requirements as amateur radio operators.

7. Certificate fees.
• The award in electronic form (in .pdf form) is free.
• The award in paper form is free for PZK and UARL members and club stations from Poland and Ukraine.
• The cost for a paper award for other stations is: 20 złoty/ 5 Euro/ 6 USD/ 6 IRC.

The fee should be paid to the PZK HQ bank account: PL 33 1440 1215 0000 0000 0195 0797, Nordea Bank Polska S.A. with the annotation: „EFC2012” and one's own call-sign.

8. Applications for the Award should be made by electronically by submitting a form from the Internet web page or by sending a standard application which should be sent to the following address: DOT PZK, Box 1977, 53-316 Wroclaw 14, Poland.
E-mail address: ot01@pzk.org.pl

QSL cards are not required - the verification of the application is based on electronic logs of organizing stations, after having received the award fee (if required).

9. Award applications shall be made before December 31st, 2012.

EFC2012 Polish Award Final Version

EFC2012 Polish Award Excellent Class Final Version

Version of the award rules for download in PDF format:

EFC2012 Regulamin Dyplomu, Polish version
EEF2012 Award Diploma Rules, English version. Thanks to Wes SP2DX
EFC2012 Termini diploma, Versione italiana. Thanks to Bob SP2EBG
EFC2012 Nagradna Igra Pravila, Hrvatska verzija. Thanks to Bob SP2EBG
German translation from English rules by Werner Theis, DH1PAL, Secretary of Diploma Interest Group (DIG)
Full German translation by Wes SP2DX
Full translation from English into Spanish by Jose Antonio Moreno EA7FTZ

UR-SP EFC 2012"
Award Rules

1. "UR-SP EFC 2012" Award is issued by Ukrainian Amateur Radio League (UARL) in cooperation with Polish Amateur Radio Union (PZK) in honor of European Football Championship EURO-2012 in Poland and Ukraine.

2. Terms of the Award fulfillment: June 1 - July 5, 2012.

3. Basic conditions:

EUROPE: 50 QSOs with Amateur radio stations from the countries-finalists of UEFA EURO 2012 (see Addendum). It is obligatory to apply at least 1 /one/ QSO with every of 16 countries;

DX: DX - 25 QSOs with Amateur radio stations from the countries-finalists of UEFA EURO 2012 (see Addendum). It is obligatory to apply QSOs with at least 10 /ten/ of 16 countries;

The missing QSOs could be compensate by QSOs with Special event stations of Poland and Ukraine.

4. Duplicate QSOs are not allowed.

5. Listeners (SWL) apply for the Award on the same conditions.

6. Award fees:

- Electronic Award is free of charge for all applicants;

- Paper Award is free for all UARL and PZK members as well as for all UR/SP Club stations;

- Paper Award fee for all other stations - 20zl/5 Euro/6 USD/6 IRC.

Payments should be sent to the UARL Award Manager: Olexander M. Senchurov, p.o. Box 1669, Kryvyi Rig, 50038, Ukraine.

7. All applications should be sent by e-mail to: krolru@ukr.net QSL cards are not required, the extract from the log-book would be enough.

8. The applications will be accepted until December 31, 2012.


List of countries - entrants of final stage of UEFA EURO-2012:
9A, CT, DL, EA, EI, F, G, I, OK, OZ, PA, RA (RA2, RA9), SM, SP, SV, UR.

UR-SP EFC 2012 Diploma

Version of the award rules for download in PDF format:

UR-SP EFC2012 Award Rules, English version
UR-SP EFC2012 Award Rules, Ukrainian version
German translation from English rules by Werner Theis, DH1PAL, Secretary of Diploma Interest Group (DIG)

Award Rules
KRARS 2012 EFC Award (paper version only)

1. The award is issued by the KRARS (Kharkiv Regional Amateur Radio Society) in honor of EFC 2012 in Kharkov.

2. It will be awarded to stations (S.W.L inc.) who will provide sufficient evidence of contacts with Special stations from Kharkov as follows:

2.1. Dates: 01.06.2012 – 01.07.2012
2.2. For Europian station at least 20 points or 12 QSO must be achieved. (If you have 12 QSO, but only 12 point - you have award. If you have 20 point with 7 QSO - you have award).
2.3. Doubles on band with different mode are allowed.
2.4. All modes and frequencies of HAM RADIO QSO's are allowed.

3. For points version:

Contacts with special station EM2012EURO are 3 points.
Contacts with special stations EM2012L, EN2012L, EO2012L are 2 points.
Contacts with other special stations from Kharkov are 1 points.
Calls: EM2012LL, EM2012LS, EM2012LWY, EN2012LTX, EO2012LBL, EO2012LD, EO2012LX, EO2012LF, EO2012LN.
For DX stations (out of Europe) - 2 QSO. Doubles on band with different mode are allowed.

4. When using only than only 50 MHz and is higher the award enough to carry out 3 QSO with special stations of Kharkov.

5. Award manager: Tokar Igor, US0LW

6. Fees: 5 IRC or 5 USD, (For Ukrainian station 5 UAH).

7. WebMoney payment is possible. On this matter contact to the award manager.
Please send your contacts list & request signed by 2 licensed amateurs to: Igor Tokar US0LW, P. O. Box 2009, Kharkov, 61202, Ukraine.
E-mail address: us0lw@mail.ru

8. Last date to apply: 31.12.2012

Info by Boris UT7UT

EFC2012 Award

KRARS 2012 EFC Award Rules EN

Award Rules
Donbass Arena-2012

1. Diploma «DONBASS ARENA-2012" established the Donetsk branch of UARL and R / club "Marrad" Mariupol.

2. To obtain the award it needs in honor of the European Football Championship to 01/06/2012 on 05/07/2012 to make QSOs (SWLs) with radioamateurs of Donetsk region and accumulate 200 points for radio stations in Europe and 100 points for the radio stations on other continents.

3. EachQSO with radio amateurs of Donetsk region counts 3 points, and QSOs with radio stations operating special event callsigns - 6 points.

4. Duplicate QSOs are not allowed.

5. In the days of the matches on the "Donbass Arena":

11,15,19, 23 and 27 of June 2012, points for the QSO multiplied 2, ie, 6 points, the usual call sign, 12 points - special event callsign of Donetsk region. For QSOs of various types of radiation individual certificates are issued with a note: MIX, CW, PHONE, DIGI.

6. Hams for the Donetsk region diploma must take place no less than 35 QSO with radio amateurs from at least 12 participating countries finals European football championship: 9A, CT, DL, EA, EI, F, G, I, OK, OZ, PA, RA, SM, SP, SV.UR and 10 QSO with stations special event callsigns, working in Ukraine and Poland. Only 45 QSO.

7. For SWLs the conditions are similar to obtaining a diploma.

8. The application for the award in the form of extracts from the log must include: call sign, date and time of QSO, type of radiation and the number of points for the QSO.

9. The diploma may be issued at the request of the applicant electronically or in paper format A4. In the electronic certificate is issued free to all applicants. To obtain an electronic application must be sent to the Award Manager - UX8IR: ux8ir@yandex.ru

10. Diploma in paper format for the radio of Ukraine and Poland is free. After receiving the applications and printing of diplomas, they will be sent to the regional QSL Bureau of Ukraine and to the national QSL Bureau of Poland. The cost of the diploma for applicants from other countries (refund postage costs) is:
5 EURO/ 6USD/ 6IRC. To obtain a diploma in paper format should send an application and payment to:
Nicholay Dolgopolov, Kronstadtskaya st. 6 kv.40 , Mariupol Donetsk region. 87517 Ukraine.

11. The application deadline is 30.11.2012.

12. List special event callsigns of Donetsk region:

EM2012I, EN2012I, EO2012I, EM2012IDX, EM2012IKV, EM2012IO, EN2012IA, EN2012IO,
EN2012IW, EN2012IX, EO2012IKF, EO2012IO, EO2012IS, EO2012IZ

Chairman of the Donetsk
Department UARL: V. Pogorzhelsky UT1IR
The award manager: V. Sorokin UX8IR

Donbass Arena-2012 Award

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